Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What if, in our stories, girls found the King of Kings
rather than Prince Charming?
What if our fairytales told of truer love?
What if Cinderella prayed?

What if Snow White was by grace saved?
What if fairy godmothers
said wishes couldn’t always come true
but there’s a God above looking out for you?
What if princess wasn’t the goal,
but it was said being a servant to God could make one whole?
What if evil stepmothers repented their sins,
reforming into the beacons of light they always could’ve been?
What if Disney heroines weren’t beautiful, all the same?

What if they were like real girls,
beautiful in their own ways?
What if Barbies stopped fighting over Ken
and fought for something better than men?
What if makeup wasn’t considered play?

What if girls knew the way they looked would always be okay?
Would girls hurt less when the guy in homeroom didn’t know their name?
Would they know “alone” isn’t really alone?
Would it carry less shame?
Would things not be the same?

Would they more often put their hope in more?
Would it change what we are striving for?