Sunday, March 29, 2009

Writing, School, and Dresses, Oh My!

So...I've been a little lax on posting this month. Sorry about that!

Right now I'm working on rewriting my middle grade novel called Strawberry's School of Glamour. It's so much fun! I love my slightly outrageous main character, and I just love the the middle school setting. Though sixth grade is pretty horrible while you're there, it's pretty fun to write. I don't feel like I'm well-read enough in middle grade, though. If anyone has some suggestions for middle grade reading, let me know.

Meanwhile, I'm almost three-quarters through the school year. This means this weekend I have midterm projects to do (yay procrastination!), AP tests are coming up, and I have SATs to take in May. I've also been having to deal with state standardized testing. Blech.

It is also prom season. I don't know if I'm going yet, but I always love looking at dresses. I haven't read the books yet, but could you imagine having a prom dress like a gown off the cover of The Luxe, Rumors, or Envy by Anna Godbersen? I haven't read them yet, but wouldn't that be epic?

Tell me which dress is your favorite in the comments! For me, it's hard to choose between The Luxe and Envy.


  1. I'm partial to pink so I have to go with The Luxe but I also really like Envy. It would be hard to get out the door (not to nention in the car) with any of them.

  2. Rewrites are fun (or so I'm finding). I've never written an MG (apart from when I was an MG-er), and I can't really think of any recs for you. Sigh.

    Ahhh, SATs -- I think I'm taking them at the end of this year, it's such a pain to organise when you live in Australia :(

    Oh, and out of those dresses I like Envy best, surprisingly enough :)

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