Thursday, August 6, 2009

Paige Railstone!

So I am probably going to sound like such a poser, jumping on the Paige Railstone bandwagon (tons of people have these past few days), but I couldn't help but get interested in this underground phenom. Paige Railstone, for those of you not in the know, is an awesome DJ, but I find her as a person more interesting than her music. She's had such an exciting life, and she's only 22. She ran away to New York City at fourteen, where she started on her DJ career. Now she basically roams the world, going to small clubs, doing sweet musical mash-ups, living in hotels. She's also just an eloquent, articulate person.. She seems so smart, and I love this quotes of hers: "Sometimes I am Canadian, sometimes European, sometimes African, sometimes Asian. In this world, it is not enough to be who you are. You must also be where you are."

One of my much cooler friends downloaded her debut CD Off the Railstone, which is coming out from DFTBA records, and her music is perfect to dance to! I was grooving around my room to it. Apparently, Paige sings and plays instruments too, though she's very private about it; I'm really curious to hear what her own music sounds like, since she seems to have really natural creative sensibilities.

John Green, YA author, is actually a big fan, and he explains Paige's appeal perfectly: Check it out for more information.

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