Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Books make great gifts because they never come in the wrong size."

Yesterday I went Christmas shopping. Seriously, malls during the holiday season are insane...and not at all like the surprisingly serene picture to the left.

Despite being a teenage girl, I am not a big fan of shopping. In fact, the only things I really like shopping for are books (because, duh, they're books!) and purses (cute, and really one size fits all). To me, the mall is no safe haven. It is a place that quickly grows boring unless I'm there with plenty of friends. Add to that large crowds and long lines and the pressure to find the perfect gift, and it's a recipe for a Megan Shopping Meltdown, which I have been known to have.

Speaking of shopping meltdowns, last night I watched Jingle All The Way with Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you haven't seen it, it's about a workaholic dad who forgets about buying his son a Turbo Man action figure until Christmas Eve. He's determined to find one to make up for missing his son's karate lesson. It's kind of a ridiculous movie (the ending involves lots of flying on a jet pack), but its scenes of Christmas Eve shopping madness rang true. I'm glad that I am only sixteen and am not a parent having to fight tooth and nail for the season's hottest toy.

Though, I guess it does say something about our society that parents feel it such a necessity to get their kids the hottest toy. Honestly, a lot of the big Christmas gifts I've gotten haven't worked out. I used them for a while, then I moved on. I got a guitar a couple years ago, and I still haven't learned how to play it I feel pretty bad about that one, actually. The point is, kids don't really need the hottest toy out there. There are things that are more important, like having nice family memories and spending time together, which actually is the message of Jingle All The Way.

Back to my own went fairly well. Though it was too crowded for my taste, the mall wasn't overly chaotic. I got some cute little gifts to give to my friends, a DVD for my mom, and books for my aunt and brother. I have one more book to get today, and then I'll be done.

As most writers do, I love giving people books. Many of you have probably seen the youtube video about how books make great gifts. If not, check it out! I've got to say, I also hope I get some books too, or at least a gift card to my favorite bookstore. For once, I don't have a huge To Be Read pile, and I really want to go shopping for some books of my own.

How has everyone else been surviving the malls, and what books do you guys have on your wish lists? And, of course, thoughts on Jingle All The Way are welcomed!

Credit for the Christmas pic goes to Paul Keleher, and the image of Jingle All The Way came from Overstock.


  1. This is another teenage girl who's not particularly fond of shopping. Especially Christmas shopping. Basically, when I went Christmas shopping I spent around $200 dollars on books for myself. Sigh. I'm really no good at shopping or getting presents for other people, lol. Oh well, at least reading the books has been fun and I did manage to get my friends and family some presents :)

    And, omg, I got a guitar for Christmas/my birthday when I was fourteen and it is STILL sitting in my room *looks at guitar guiltily* I've been meaning to learn to play for a while now. It's especially saddening that I don't know how to play properly because I'm in a band. A slack band that never meets up, but a band nonetheless.

    I think half the reason you're so inspirational to me is because you did things the hard way, just like everyone else. You queried etc. I mean, there are people like Amelia Atwater Rhodes who get published when they're fourteen, but then, her English teacher was a Literary Agent. LUCKY, haha. It's still a great achievement for her, though. It's just that you're doing things a bit more traditionally.

    I thought I could get published when I was really young too. I used to put all of these stories into envelopes and write publishers' addresses on them, but I never got down to the Post Office. Sigh. I think a lot of my not venturing into publishing before has to do with being technologically inept...The internet is such a great tool now that I've found it :D

    Btw, what's your book about?

  2. The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Cross My Heart, Hope To Spy.

    Hey, I see you're on AW! I'm Madisonwrites over there, so come say hi if you want! :D

  3. Hehe, I always have heaps of money to spend on books around Christmas because my birthday's just before, so I get heaps of vouchers/gift cards :)

    Your book sounds good. I can imagine there being heaps of hilarious moments in it!