Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My poor, poor books...

I think I'm going to change Cover Love Tuesday to just Cover Love Weekly or something, because, um, I'm apparently very horrible at doing things regularly on regular days and the like. So instead of having this feature, I'm instead going to talk about book abuse and deal breakers.

Now, as a high school student, I like to carry whatever book I'm currently reading around with me; that way, when class gets boring, I can open up the book and get some reading done. This means my books get hauled class to class and from home to school and back in my backpack. And...well, I'm not a particularly careful person. I guess you could say I neglect my books more than I abuse them. It's not that I purposely get pencil marks on them or bend the edges and smudge the covers. It just happens. Anybody have the same problem?

As for deal breakers, I just finished reading a YA novel with some romance. I had a bit of trouble with the main character's romantic interest, however, because some of his immoral actions. There are some things, when reading romance, that are just deal breakers to me with guys. I may enjoy the book, but if a guy is stealing or something, I'm not going to want him with the girl. I'm trying to think of some more deal breakers....just, in general, I am not into the bad boy thing at all. What can I say? I like my nice guys. Deal breakers for others out there?

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